A Guide to the Latest Acupuncture Myths from Our Trusted San Francisco Team

By understanding more about acupuncture, you can begin to realize its benefits and explore how the practice can positively impact your lifestyle. Our team at Anchor Acupuncture in San Francisco. has helped thousands of clients experience the value of acupuncture and within this latest post, we’re highlighting several myths related to acupuncture.

Acupuncture Hurts

While acupuncture does involve the placement of needles into the skin, the acupuncture treatment does not involve any physical pain. The needles are very thin and although you might feel an initial prick of pain, the feeling subsides almost instantly.

Acupuncture is only for new age advocates

While acupuncture was once only associated with a counterculture in alternative medicine, now thousands across the region are trying the treatment. New acceptance within the medical community and within the wider public has helped the treatment become more popular.

Acupuncture can only treat pain

While acupuncture is widely known for helping treat the pain of sore muscles and other similar conditions, there is more to the treatment. For example, many are now undertaking acupuncture treatment as a means of treating nausea and the effects of chemotherapy. Acupuncture is also now widely used as a treatment for infertility and for the treatment of allergies.

Acupuncture has many side-effects

Nothing could be further from the truth than this myth. One of the leading benefits of acupuncture for San Francisco patients compared with pharmacological approaches to treatment is that acupuncture has no side-effects. Once the treatment has been completed, patients only see the benefits of the practice.

Acupuncture’s benefits are psychological

There are many benefits associated with acupuncture, some are psychological, and some are physical. For example, studies have shown how acupuncture helps to release endorphins in the brain, which are associated with pain relief.

Acupuncture’s results should be seen immediately

Many expect to see immediate results from their acupuncture treatment. But it’s important to note that the results might not be achieved for several weeks and over several different treatments. Patients should work with their acupuncturist to discuss a treatment schedule.

Our experienced team at Anchor Acupuncture in San Francisco has decades of experience guiding patients to achieve exceptional results from their acupuncture treatment. To learn more, call us today.