Acupuncture in San Francisco at Anchor Acupuncture

San Francisco, October 2: Amanda Moler from Anchor Acupuncture just had a great time being interviewed by All Business Media FM, and we couldn’t be happier about how it went. It gave us a great opportunity to talk about Amanda’s work as an acupuncturist in San Francisco, along with Traditional Chinese Medicine in general. We think it could be a great resource for anyone wanting to get a little bit more information about what we do here at...
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Harnessing the 5% Rule for Sustainable Healing Written by Anna Ritner, L.Ac

Now, there’s a reason I didn’t put the words “self care” in the title. Because the words “self care,” as cute as they sound, can set off a furious symphony of mental bells about very nice things we were supposed to be doing for ourselves (but haven’t quite managed to do yet). For example: I am making self care “easy” and committing to a bath by candlelight once a week or… I promise to do...
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This is Your Brain on Hormones Written by Anna Ritner, L.Ac

Have you ever heard a woman say, “I feel like I’m a completely different person right before my period compared to who I was two weeks ago”? You know what? She’s absolutely right. If you are a woman who feels you have “irrational thoughts” during your PMS week, read on to discover why you might actually want to start paying closer attention to those feelings… Although most women are already familiar with the physical changes...
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