Testimonial under Philosophy :

“I initially saw Amanda because I know she is one of the best acupuncturists in SF for women’s health, and I wanted to approach pregnancy and conception with the best health possible. Her diagnostic skills are incredible, and she’s also a very talented herbalist. If you are interested in getting pregnant and being as healthy as possible, or are having any women’s health problems, I would absolutely see her!”



The recent rapid changes to modern American culture have wiped out many diverse roles and archetypes that are actually necessary to our collective health. Our communities and families have been shrinking, leaving us with a vast unmet and social need for many things – play, friendships, inter-generational relationships, shamans, mentors. ​

The work we do represents a way for some of this need to re-enter our communities, often leading with one foot in our modern urban world, and the other steeped in the heart of traditional healing and medicine.

It’s this delicate placement that allows me to understand my patients when they speak across many layers about their symptoms, their needs, and their desires.

“If I could give Amanda more stars, I would. She is AMAZING. After suffering from secondary infertility, I decided to seriously invest in acupuncture before embarking down the path of an aggressive and expensive IVF protocol. Needless to say, I chose wisely. After 4.5 months of bi-weekly sessions, herbs, lifestyle and diet changes, I became pregnant at 39; one cycle before my self-imposed deadline to begin IVF.”