It shouldn’t! We have received years of positive feedback on our gentle needle placement techniques. We want you to feel sensations such as warmth, heaviness, fullness around the point.

We let you rest with needles (and a buzzer should you need us!) for 25-40 minutes.

This depends on the severity and duration of the condition for which you are seeking treatment. Typically, we like to see patients on a schedule similar to physical therapy 1-2x / week for a few weeks.  Acupuncture works best cumulatively over a short time!

Yes! We also do cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, nutritional support, and create customized herbal prescriptions.

At Anchor Acupuncture & Wellness, we are confident treating fertility issues, women’s health issues of all kinds, skin issues, digestive conditions, respiratory issues, pain, stress, and mood issues.

Well, first off, you don’t have to. We are happy to work right alongside your western medical provider, and find that the more eyes on you, the faster you get better! If you do get to the end of the line with any modality you have been working in, we would be happy to see you and provide you with a working diagnosis and treatment plan from an eastern medical viewpoint.

We are out of network with all insurance. This means we do not bill your insurance directly. If you have out-of-network provider coverage, we issue you a SuperBill for you to submit to your insurance, and then you are reimbursed directly.

You can fill out our paperwork in a few minutes before your initial visit. If you have any relevant labs or findings from any other provider, please bring them in with you.

Come as you are! Mostly we work on the arms and lower legs and can work around most outfits. If we need to work on the chest, abdomen or back, we are fully prepared with drapes and sheets.

The easiest way is to book online. You can also text or call us at 415-855-3112. We look forward to hearing from you!