Harnessing the 5% Rule for Sustainable Healing Written by Anna Ritner, L.Ac

Now, there’s a reason I didn’t put the words “self care” in the title. Because the words “self care,” as cute as they sound, can set off a furious symphony of mental bells about very nice things we were supposed to be doing for ourselves (but haven’t quite managed to do yet). For example:

I am making self care “easy” and committing to a bath by candlelight once a week
I promise to do 60 minutes of yoga every day
Or what about..
I am done, finished, and waving goodbye to carbs

And yet it feels so buttery good when we care for ourselves deeply. So, when it comes to self love, why do we women tend to go all out or just give up?

Because, in our minds we women agree to this mental contract of 100% or nothin’. If it’s not all-out and perfect, with measurable results, then it’s not doing me any good.I need perfection so I can earn my gold star.

Well that is a bunch of baloney and we both know it. With the help of my brilliant best friend we designed a plan to trick our silly brains:

What if we do things that make us feel good intentionally, every day, but we only expend 5% of our energy on it?

The tortoise did win the race, after all.

When we set our goals low and give ourselves a sustainable opportunity to reach them every day, we can allow ourselves the pride of having done something good for ourselves, and also slowly build toward healthier habits that blossom and cement over time.

So next time you’re too tired to go to spin class after work, how about just taking a walk around the block and enjoying the foliage while calling your bestie to say Hi? Throw in a couple of squats at the end and make her laugh as you’re panting on the other end of the phone. It’s the little things in life, the little things that add up to create well-rounded, sustainable health.