How Can Acupuncture Clinics Near Me in San Francisco Help with Pain Management?

Acupuncture treatment continues to be one of the leading options for those struggling with pain. The data shows that acupuncture has a comparable impact on pain mitigation as pharmaceuticals such as morphine. And now many are asking “How can acupuncture clinics near me in San Francisco help with my pain management issues?” In this latest post, we’ll address this important question.

Acupuncture for headaches

One area for which acupuncture has shown significant value is in the treatment of headaches. Headaches can be debilitating for many sufferers, causing a loss of visions, dizziness and other symptoms. For those suffering from constant migraines, where other treatments have proven ineffective, they have turned to acupuncture.

Acupuncture treatments for headaches are usually administered through frequent visits to the clinic alongside a trained acupuncturist. Several studies now show that using acupuncture treatment alongside medications has been shown to improve results compared with using acupuncture alone. It’s part of the reason why many are now asking the question “Where can I find the leading acupuncture treatment clinics near me in San Francisco?”

Acupuncture for back pain

Back pain can be particularly challenging because it prevents comfort even in one’s own home. And this can mean that the patient experiences constant bouts of pain that are not mitigated by laying down. While lower back pain lessens after 2 to 4 weeks of rest, some forms of pain are chronic and remain at the same level until treatment is administered. Turning to acupuncture for back pain could be the answer to these pain issues.

Recent studies by the American College of Physicians have shown that pharmaceuticals should be the last treatment choice for those with chronic back pain. And that a combination of acupuncture and yoga can help to limit the frequency, intensity, and duration of back pain problems. Even acupuncture alone can be more effective than medication according to American College of Physician researchers.

In finding answers to the question “How can acupuncture treatment near me in San Francisco help me with my back pain issues?” it’s important to consult with a noted expert in the field. Our team at Anchor Acupuncture has many years’ experience treating patients with chronic back pain challenges. You can now contact our team directly to book your consultation and learn more about your full range of treatment options.