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Amanda Moler

Amanda works closely with western practitioners, including OB/GYNs, reproductive endocrinologists, and she is intimately familiar with tests, medications, schedules, and procedures associated with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Amanda also draws on her vast network of referrals, including medical doctors, and many kinds of therapists and body workers. As a fellow of the board of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, she is recognized to treat complex fertility cases. At the heart of her work is a deeply trusting relationship with her patients, one that naturally allows the healing response to happen faster. This synergistic bond gives the space for women to truly listen and understand what their body is telling them. Her goal is to stay open to their energy, and guide them to where they need to go.

Amanda has spent a significant amount of time with powerful female healers. In India and Burma, she studied traditional medicine with local healers treating patients with herbal medicine. During acupuncture school, she had several internships at clinics that focused on women’s health, giving her hands-on experience and a deep appreciation of this work and a desire to carry it forward. With this experience, she carries deep reverence of the complexity of women’s bodies, and the integration that happens when woman’s systems come into balance in order to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy. Ultimately, her passion lies not just in specific outcomes for women, but in helping them unfold into overall greater health and well-being. When she’s not working, Amanda spends time with her 4-year old son, plays the ukelele, and enjoys her garden.

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