October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Increasing Breast Health with Jade Rolling

Breast Cancer AwarenessHave you been Jade rolling for increased facial health?  Go ahead and bring that roller to your breasts to help support breast health!

Jade Rolling is a gentile technique used to improve lymph drainage and ease symptoms that so many women face.  It helps to flush toxins and keep the immune system balanced.

Common concerns for women and their breasts are tenderness, soreness, tightness, or lumps that appear and may also disappear around their menses.

Although breast issues can range from mildly uncomfortable to quite painful, Coreen can work with you to help ease these issues.

If breast tenderness is something that you experience before your period, during your period or even at ovulation, make sure to share that with us! These symptoms may call for a visit to a San Francisco acupuncture specialist. This information is useful as a diagnostic tool as well as something we can work with you to resolve.

Five Major Benefits of Jade Rolling:

  1. Increases healthy blood flow and circulation
  2. Improves premenstrual breast tension

3.Promotes lymph fluid movement

  1. Helps promote healing of the skin
  2. Reduces water retention and swelling

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