“I had lingering sciatica pain as a result of a herniated L4/L5 disc. After one session with Amanda, I felt instantaneously better & my pain decreased significantly (about a 5/10 to a 1/10). I proceeded to see her several more times for routine checkups / fixes & now my pain is completely gone. I had tried multiple ways to improve my pain including a serious PT regiment, but acupuncture & cupping were the main cures. Anyone I know that has similar issues, I refer to Amanda; she’s incredible, listens intently, and is dedicated to getting her patients back to normal. I’m incredibly thankful I found her.”

Testimonials 1

“I’ve been working on and off with Amanda for nearly 5 years.  She’s one of the most thoughtful and compassionate wellness providers I’ve ever worked with.  She always asks good, probing questions and is an equally good listener, adapting her technique based on your current health needs.

I sought out Amanda’s services initially to address adrenal fatigue.  She’s helped me with her acupuncture technique, and she tailored the use of herbs and supplements to my needs.  She also helped me improve my eating and sleeping habits. Her holistic approach to wellness taught me how to better care for myself.

Amanda has also helped my wife and I to get pregnant.  She’s been a wonderful provider to us both and sounding board as we went through a quite a journey. Her sense of humor helped us through some challenging times and to trust in the process.

I’d highly recommend working with Amanda for your wellness needs.”

Testimonials 3

“Amanda is absolutely amazing! She has an incredibly intuitive medical sense that is unlike anything I have seen from a medical professional. Her eastern medicine diagnosis was spot on and she helped identify and fix things that my western doctors couldn’t touch. She has an impeccable bedside manner, is very knowledgeable in her craft and is an overall wonderful doctor. I would, and have, recommended her to countless friends and acquaintances.

Testimonials 5

“I highly recommend Anchor Acupuncture & Wellness. I saw Amanda to help me with fertility issues. When I tell people about her, I don’t describe her as an acupuncturist. I say that she is a healer, because that is what she is. She seeks to understand what issues you are having and asks many questions about your health to arrive at the right plan for you. This plan goes beyond acupuncture to nutrition, body awareness and mental well being. She shares her advice, but never in an overbearing way. She shares it in a way that gives you power as a patient, which I really responded to. I came to Amanda frustrated after a year of trying to get pregnant. She got my body back on track and within a handful of months I was pregnant. Even more importantly she helped me sustain that pregnancy. She is a special person and I highly, highly recommend her!”

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