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Top 5 Ways Acupuncture Can Improve Women’s Health

A woman’s body undergoes several changes during the different stages of her life. These changes can affect her physical and mental health as well as lead to health complications.

Acupuncture for women’s health is great for alleviating the symptoms from health problems that women experience during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause. 

Here are some ways acupuncture can improve women’s health.

Improves Menstrual Health 

Acupuncture can be used to regulate menstrual cycles and address common menstrual problems, including irregular cycles, painful periods, heavy bleeding, amenorrhea, or the absence of monthly menstrual periods.

Premenstrual syndrome is a combination of symptoms that many women get a week or two before their period. It can negatively impact their quality of life. Studies show that acupuncture can alleviate PMS symptoms such as mood swings, fatigue, bloating, headaches, and sleep problems.

Treats Fertility Problems

A study found that around 14% of women have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. Acupuncture can treat fertility problems, increasing a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Acupuncture for fertility works by addressing different causes of fertility problems, such as an under-functioning or over-functioning thyroid, stress, and menstrual cycle problems.

Many women undergoing fertility treatment such as IVF or IUI combine acupuncture with medicated cycles to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

Acupuncture can help increase fertility treatment success rates by improving blood flow to different reproductive organs, such as the uterus and ovaries. It corrects hormonal imbalances, promotes relaxation, improves sleep quality, and reduces inflammation. Anchor Acupuncture is proud to serve those seeking help in Albany to improve women’s health to start or maintain a happy family.

Supports a Healthy Pregnancy   

Physical changes during pregnancy can affect a woman’s physical and mental health. Some common pregnancy-related problems include hot flashes, back pain, cramps, constipation, morning sickness, and heartburn. 

Many pregnant women find acupuncture to be useful when new health issues arrived that they’ve never had to address. Acupuncture prepares the body for childbirth. Acupuncture can also assist with labor or conception. It can help turn a breech baby so they present headfirst.

Fast-Tracks Postpartum Recovery

Acupuncture can help fast-track postpartum recovery by calming the nervous system and reducing postpartum depression symptoms. 

After delivery, acupuncture boosts milk production, reduces stress levels, and relieves chronic pain. Pregnancy can be a tiring experience. Acupuncture can treat fatigue and boost energy levels by prompting the body to increase the production of a chemical compound called carnitine which assists the cells in producing energy.

Pregnancy can cause hormones to fluctuate, resulting in irregular periods. Acupuncture can balance hormones to re-establish healthy menstrual cycles after childbirth.

May Ease Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is characterized by a natural decline in reproductive hormones. Some common symptoms of menopause include mood swings, hot flashes, chills, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. These symptoms can interfere with a woman’s daily life.

Acupuncture can help alleviate menopause symptoms by increasing the production of feel-good hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, and oxytocin.

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Amanda Moler is a licensed acupuncturist and certified fertility acupuncturist (FABORM), serving San Francisco, CA.  Her educational background includes receiving a bachelor’s degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from Antioch College in 2001 and in 2010, her master’s degree from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2008, she also attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, IL for education on acupuncture and oriental medicine. Asa Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, she has gained recognition for treating complex women fertility cases, providing guidance on painful side-effects of drugs, hormones, and maintaining the overall well-being of women. Follow Anchor Acupuncture and Amanda Moler on Facebook , Instagram, LinkedIn.