Treating Menopause Naturally with Acupuncture

Many women are unaware that acupuncture can relieve the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause in a natural and effective manner, without the use of hormone replacement therapy. Menopause is more than just hot flashes and night sweats, and the transition or perimenopause often begins years before you stop having periods. In other words, some women can begin having symptoms that they don’t even realize are due to this change. This is why looking for acupuncture treatment near you in San Francisco can make a difference.

Symptoms of Menopausal Transition

One of the first things that occur during perimenopause is a reduction in ovulatory cycles, causing erratic hormone levels that, in turn, lead to symptoms that often precede the hot flashes and night sweats of menopause. Symptoms of this early menopausal transition can include short menstrual cycles or irregular periods, severe PMS symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, digestive issues and lower libido. Stress also affects more and more women, amplifying menopausal symptoms and making them feel like they are on a roller coaster.

Acupuncture can help during menopause

When you search for ‘acupuncture treatment near me in San Francisco’, you will find all kinds of information related to how acupuncture can help re-establish a sense of equilibrium in the system, allowing the body to thrive by boosting internal resources. There are other things that can be done to ease the symptom of menopause, such as diet, which plays a key role in determining how smooth the menopausal transition is.

Dietary changes can have a significant impact on your health. You should avoid processed foods for a start because they contribute to water retention, bloating and weight gain, while increasing systemic inflammation. Consume more protein, fats and vegetables, and organic food as often as possible. Also avoid sugar in all forms, especially processed, refined white sugar, because it can cause hormone dysregulation and tax the adrenal glands. Alcohol and caffeine should also be reduced, along with acidic foods. Drinking 80-100 ounces of water per day also helps a lot. Lastly, regular exercise is imperative.

Acupuncture Near You In San Francisco

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