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What Is Facial Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese practice that involves scraping the skin with a gua sha massage tool to improve circulation. Gua sha may alleviate chronic pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other health conditions.

It is also used to treat health conditions that cause muscle and joint pain. It is performed on different parts of the body, including the back, neck, arms, legs, and face. When used in conjunction with acupuncture, gua sha facials in San Francisco can drastically improve your quality of life.

Facial Gua Sha: An Overview  

In facial gua sha, a flat jade or rose quartz stone is scraped over the skin in upward strokes to promote facial drainage, increase blood flow, and relax tense muscles.


Like acupuncture, gua sha facials aims to regulate qi. It can help break down scar tissue and connective tissue, improving movements in the joint. Gua sha is very relaxing and calming to the body.

Many people use it to clear blockages in their meridian channels. The edges of gua sha stones lift, sculpt and tighten the skin, preventing premature skin aging and stimulating the production of anti-aging molecules including collagen and elastin. Gua sha improves blood circulation, resulting in a naturally glowing skin.

Gua Sha Tools

Some popular gemstones used in gua sha are jade, rose quartz, aventurine, and blue sodalite. Some factors to be considered when choosing a gua sha tool are durability, weight, and length of the tool.

How Does Facial Gua Sha Work?

A facial gua sha massage therapist scrapes a rose quartz or jade over their patient’s skin in upward strokes. They start at the neck working their way up to the forehead, creating a clear path for the fluids and toxins in the face to drain.

Many people start experiencing results (such as reduced eye puffiness and sharper cheekbones) immediately after a session. Those who use gua sha regularly report substantial benefits including improvement in their acne and wrinkles. Facial gua sha can also be used to relieve dry facial skin.

Facial gua sha exerts gentle pressure on the skin and stretches it to create light friction that stimulates blood circulation and helps with lymphatic drainage. During facial gua sha acupressure points are stimulated along the meridian pathways in the face. It reduces stress and improves blood flow to the face, bringing out the natural radiance of your skin.

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Amanda Moler is a licensed acupuncturist and certified fertility acupuncturist (FABORM), serving San Francisco, CA.  Her educational background includes receiving a bachelor’s degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from Antioch College in 2001 and in 2010, her master’s degree from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2008, she also attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, IL for education on acupuncture and oriental medicine. Asa Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, she has gained recognition for treating complex women fertility cases, providing guidance on painful side-effects of drugs, hormones, and maintaining the overall well-being of women. Follow Anchor Acupuncture and Amanda Moler on Facebook , Instagram, LinkedIn.