Why Choose Anchor Acupuncture & Wellness?

Located in downtown San Francisco at 22 Battery Street, Anchor Acupuncture & Wellness offers a wide variety of treatments.  Amanda Moler, clinic owner and Senior Acupuncturist has a forte is in women’s health and fertility, and her passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine extends beyond just this specialty.  She also treats low immunity, digestive issues, and pain.  And with her vast experience across multiple pathologies, Amanda at Anchor Acupuncture & Wellness is here to help what ails and here’s why:

Credentials & Background

Amanda is not only a licensed acupuncturist by the State of California, she also carries an additional certification as a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, meaning that she is a skilled Chinese Medicine clinician having received advanced training in both Western and Eastern reproductive medicine. This additional training encompasses a detailed look at biomedicine that includes reproductive anatomy, physiology, pathology, as well as ART procedures and medications, recurrent miscarriage and pregnancy.

Amanda also attended one of the best Traditional Chinese Medicine schools in the United States: The American College for Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) at the California College of Integral Studies (CIIS), located right here in San Francisco.  ACTCM stands out in the Bay Area with its rigorous requirements and its Masters in Traditional Chinese program consisting of 3,120 total hours.

And finally, Amanda has a true love of internal medicine in the form of herbal medicine that has taken her all over the world to expand her knowledge.  Amanda’s original inspiration to practice this medicine came when she was living in northern India.  Every two weeks she walked 30 minutes down the mountain to see two female master Tibetan Doctors. The gentle and corrective nature of the herbal medicine she was prescribed opened her to the incredible healing capacities of what is provided in the natural world.  Amanda is proud to house a full herbal pharmacy in her office, filled with liquid concentrate tincture formulas.  She custom blends formulas for each of her patients and feels these are the driving force behind her successful treatments.

Communication Style

One of the most common pieces of feedback our patients give us is Amanda’s intuitive and kind communication style.  Amanda understands the sometimes taxing and overwhelming emotional load that fertility struggles can have and offers the support that patients need, wherever they may be in their journey.  She is thorough and complete in each appointment and sends each new patient home with a Treatment Plan that includes goals, supplement and food recommendations, approximate time of treatment and follow ups.

 Office & Hours

Conveniently located downtown San Francisco, Anchor Acupuncture & Wellness, is available for evening and every other Saturday appointments to fit in your schedule.  And it’s easy too: just schedule yourself right online.  Just a short walk from MUNI and BART, our clean, cozy and comfortable surroundings welcome you in from the busy outside city-life.