Acupuncture for Fertility in San Francisco

I also had a history of progesterone imbalance, and my basal temperature, which turned out to be all over the place, only confirmed that.

I was immediately impressed by Amanda’s bright, smart and charming personality. She gave me several recommendations regarding my diet, and we started acupuncture treatments.

Even though my first period was very different from the previous ones, an ovulation kit didn’t show any ovulation at all.


The use of herbs and acupuncture for fertility is one of the oldest branches of Chinese medicine. Those emperors wanted to have lots of children! Millennia later, here we are still at our clinic offering acupuncture for fertility in San Francisco, helping women and couples achieve healthy pregnancies and heal many other conditions. After determining your diagnosis, we select the channels and point combinations that will optimize your system as a whole, as well as your reproductive function.

“The moment a child is born, a mother is born, also.” – Rajneesh

“Amanda is an excellent professional and a wonderful human being. I was referred to her last year, when I was 39, with a history of miscarriage the previous year and extremely concerned that I wouldn’t be able to become pregnant naturally any more (which was the only option for me) or, even if I did, to carry to term.

However, a couple of weeks later, in May, I found out that I got pregnant during that very menstrual cycle – less than a month after starting acupuncture fertility in San Francisco with Amanda!”