Acupuncture Treatment in San Francisco


Acupuncture heals by harnessing your body’s inherent wisdom to reorganize your internal resources. That may sound esoteric, but think about it – we organize our closets, our finances, our schedules – why wouldn’t our bodies need the same kind of attention! As you rest during your acupuncture treatment in our San Francisco clinic, your immune system and circulation moderate according to the suggestions of the needles. Acupuncture is an effective medical treatment that can be used to balance hormones, improve fertility, increase circulation and decrease inflammation.

“I came to the clinic to get acupuncture six months ago in pretty dire shape: I was constantly getting sick, had allergies, low energy, trouble sleeping, etc. This was weird as I prize myself a pretty healthy chap –I exercise all the time, eat right, surf a bunch, etc. Within three treatments I felt better; within five, I felt really good; a month later I was entirely healed. I’m serious.”